Best Home Air Purifiers 2023

Last Updated – November 29, 2023

We Tested 2023's Top 5 Home Air Purifiers

As seasons change and indoor air quality becomes a priority, it’s challenging to find the ideal home air purifier, especially for those more sensitive to indoor allergens and pollutants.

The market is filled with a variety of air purifiers, yet many can be complicated to use, overly specialized for specific needs, or unjustifiably expensive considering the benefits they provide.

This search can feel daunting. That’s why we’ve collaborated with a group of indoor air quality experts to assemble a comprehensive guide to the best home air purifier options available in 2023, thoroughly assessing them to identify the right choice for your home.

We evaluated over 20 of the most popular home air purifiers under varied indoor conditions, examining a range of factors. These included air purification efficiency, filter lifespan, noise level, energy consumption, and user-friendliness, along with considering other aspects like customer support and value for money.

#1 Air Purifier

#1 Air Purifier

Essential Air

  • Kill 99.7 % Of Bacteria & Viruses
  • Remove Bad Odors
  • Eliminate Dust
  • Capture Pollen & Pet Dander
  • True HEPA Filter
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation
  • Ultra-Compact & Portable
  • Often Sells Out




(13,354+) 5 Star Reviews

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023





  • Large purification area
  • Multiple optimisation settings
  • WiFi-Enabled
  • Great for large homes
  • Removes bad odors
  • Destroys toxic particles
  • Fantastic filtration
  • Very expensive




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  • Extra large size
  • 3 cleaning levels
  • Premium build
  • Well known brand
  • Vastly lowers pollen count
  • Industrial quality
  • Bulky
  • High cost-to-value




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  • Ideal for large environments
  • Touch screen display
  • Large yet portable
  • Advanced technology
  • Good build quality
  • Some trace of bad odors
  • Expensive
  • Loud operation



Very Good

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  • Simple Setup
  • Quickly reduces odors
  • Noticeable purification benefits
  • Small and portable
  • Loud when running
  • Struggles in larger environments
  • Not energy efficient
  • Little dust removal




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We Tested All of the Highest Rated Home Air Purifiers in Various Conditions... Here's Why The Essential Air is Our #1 Pick

Essential Air ended up being leagues ahead of all the other air purifiers we tried..

It passed every test with flying colors, including the most important one – purifying air at home to improve our health and well being.

Much of Essential Air’s killer benefits are due to the advanced, ultrasonic HEPA technology it uses, which has never been seen in an air purifier until now. The other devices need to take note – this is the technology we need in 2023.

Under controlled testing, Essential Air destroyed more harmful germs and bacteria than any other device, eliminating over 99% of them in just a few minutes. For such a small device, the results were remarkable to say the least.

Essential Air was also able to capture huge amounts of dust, pollen and other particles that cause those with allergies so much distress. The participants in our study noticed a huge improvement in a very short time period, with many reporting that their allergy complaints disappeared completely.

Plus in addition to all the health benefits it offers families, Essential Air does a remarkably good job of eliminating nasty odors in the air. It worked wonders on smells from pets, cigarettes and cooking, giving rooms a fantastic level of freshness without any bad odors lingering around.

For results like that, you’d think it would be burning through the electricity at a rapid pace – but surprisingly, it was the exact opposite. Essential Air is the most energy efficient air purifier we tested, once again thanks to the ultrasonic technology which delivers best in class energy efficiency.

Essential Air requires zero setup, just plug it and switch it on to immediately begin purifying your environment. But thanks to it’s handy settings, you can tweak it to optimally freshen rooms of any size up to 500 sq ft.

With sleek styling, we had no problem matching it to our decor. But what shocked us most was the price – it’s incredibly affordable for something that works so well. And considering it comes with a full money-back-guarantee – Essential Air is a no brainer.

If you want the most effective air purifier that rapidly destroys germs in your home, provides great health benefits and eliminates nasty odors for a fresh environment all year round – Essential Air is our number one choice.

To take advantage of their exclusive 50% discount – order right now from their official website.

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Written By: Charlie Jackson


Charlie is one of our most trusted consumer product reviewers. His background spans over two decades in electrical and HVAC technology. He has a strong history of testing heating, conditioning and air purification systems.

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